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Howl at the Moon

Presenting our second issue with a mix of eclectic art, searing creative nonfiction, thoughtful and impactful poetry, and stories and perspectives across eight countries. More about our contributors.


Gritty, full of lamentation, work that unapologetically explores the ugliest parts of grief and connection.

‘Tired of Being an Estuary’, by Kristia Vasiloff,
and ‘Untitled’ by James Hutton
Balance by Lynn Bianchi

‘Self-Portrait of a Sinking Orphan’ and ‘Balance’

by Sristhti Saharia and Lynn Bianchi

Luminescence by Sensetus

‘I Piss in a Bedpan’ and ‘Luminescence’

by Kristia Vasiloff and Sensetus

A Midsummer Dream
A Midsummer Dream by Barbara Lazzarini

‘Duty Free Shop’ and ‘A Midsummer Dream’

by Kamil Plich and Barbara Lazzarini

My apartment complex, surrounded on three sides by deep, dark woods, seems like a lighthouse when I spot it in the distance. My breath rises like mist before my face as I wait for my bus. And the bus is always late. 

Maham Khan, Eight Axioms of Homesickness

Annabel Lee

Hopeful, lasting love, and an exploration of the transformative power of grief and connection.

I’ve spent too many years fighting an idea that existed only in my mind. So whatever I did, by definition, would never be “good enough” for that voice in my head. Whose voice that is or was no longer matters because it’s mine now.

Maryam Piracha, The Imposter as Perennial Obstacle

Scheherazade–Playful, clever, and chaotically just in the face of atrocities, always holding a mirror to society

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon by Barbara Lazzarrini

by Mariam Tahir Butt

Untitled by James Hutton

A short film by Jamie Holman

“I dare you to take your eyes off this stunning vixen as she’s SAWED IN HALF. Well, the outfit’s a two-piece so she’s already halfway there. She looks like she knows what he expects of her to do as she slowly climbs over the table. 

Zahra Hamdulay, Untitled


An uncertain, half-person existence, notorious for giving men sleepless nights.

Zahra Hamdulay visual
Untitled, by Aamir Arsiwala and Zahra Hamdulay
‘Fitting’, by Alexander Perez, and
‘Abduction’, by Sensetus
‘A Woman in Public, from Karachi to London’, by Amal Hamid, and ‘Untitled’, by Mario Navarro Rosales
‘Patterns’, by Alexander Perez, and ‘Attain’, by Sensetus

A Message from the Editors

We are immensely grateful to our contributors for trusting the magazine with their work. We hope you, dear Reader, enjoyed the issue and continue following the work of these special people as they move forward in their creative journeys.
– Maham Khan, Zahra Hamdulay, Maryam Piracha, and Orooj-e-Zafar / The TMS Editorial Team