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Submissions are currently closed.

Submissions for the Summer Issue will be open: February 15th through April 15th.

Submissions for the Winter Issue will be open: August 15th through October 15th.

More information will be posted in February on our upcoming Summer 2024 Issue, Issue 18. Please follow our Instagram for further updates.

Send us your stories, artwork, poems, fiction and nonfiction pieces, and essays.  

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What We’re Looking For

We want:

  • Work that grabs our attention and stays with us.
  • Work that speaks to us, not because it’s about people like us, but because it has a voice, an ache to be witnessed.
  • An experience that takes and roots us in new worlds.
  • Work that is vulnerable, with them pretty words, but that ultimately tells a good story, across any medium.
The Do’s and Do Not’s of Submissions


  • Submit your work if you identify as a woman or are part of a marginalized community (a sexual, social, or religious minority).
  • Send your work as either solo or collaborative pieces and include any mediums that add to the experience (pictures, music, videos, etc. that you or your collaboration partner created).
  • Send us links to the complete pieces if you can’t upload them to the form.
  • Send us previously unpublished material and credit TMS if published elsewhere.
  • Send us your 60-word bio and a (recent) photograph.
  • Limit your submissions to a maximum of three; in the case of poetry, include all three submissions in a single file.
  • Include a cover letter where you introduce yourself, your work, and how it relates to this issue’s theme.


  • Submit if you are a cis-man (i.e. a man not part of a marginalized community). We love you, but TMS is not for you.
  • Ask about your submission after the submission period has passed. 
How and Where to Submit
  1. Submit up to a max of 3 pieces (fiction, essays, or poems), with a maximum of 5,000 words for fiction and essays.
  2. Submit artwork and performances in JPEG, PNG, and MP4, respectively. If files exceed 12MB, please share a link, instead.
  3. Include a third-person bio of up to 50 words and include any relevant details like your website and socials. (If your bio is longer, we will edit it.)
  4. Label your files as “Name – Genre – Title” and include your full name and artwork name in case of artwork or videos.
  5. Please include a bio of no more than fifty words, as well as an author photograph with your submission. 
  6. Submissions are now closed for this issue.