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The TMS Backstory

We started our journey as an international art and literary magazine in 2010. We were based in Pakistan, seeking to unite creators under a single umbrella regardless of where they were in the world.

After a short hiatus, we returned to a  world that was still healing from the mass carnage of the last decade. We hoped to provide you, our hurting artists and writers, with a safe space. More than that, we intimately knew the unique challenges women and marginalized voices face in today’s world, and we remain here still only for you.

In fact, the only reason we’re back at all is because of you.

Does that make us a little idealistic?

Sure, but we’re betting that you are, too.

TMS Characteristics

The Missing Slate is an entity on its own. It stands about a little higher than any geographical boundary, and can be found listening when you need to be heard. It transcends editors and contributors. In fact, it is not created by their contributions, only enriched by them. Every time a piece of art or writing makes it way to TMS as if a wisp of a longing, it joins together with many others like it to make up what is essentially TMS.

Editors in Chief

Kristia Vasiloff


Kristia Vasiloff (she/her) is a poet, avid-reader of everything, activist, and homebody. She has been published in presses, anthologies, and her writing has been supported by her state’s Poetry Society. Kristia’s power chair is named Batmobile 2.0, after the late Batmobile power-scooter of her younger years. She writes because she needs it, she writes for folks who also yearn for a home outside their body. Kristia is living her best queer life with her amazing Spouse and two cats in North Carolina, USA.


She is extremely humbled to be passed the torch for The Missing Slate as an Editor in Chief. She is giddy for upcoming projects for the magazine and its readers, submitters, and new-comers. Kristia is honored to continue to share The Missing Slate Magazine, a needed space designed to amplify the voices of marginalized writers, with y’all.


Nwa Rizvi (she/her) (Syed Nwa Abas Rizvi, Nwa Abbas, and Nwa A. Rizvi) is a highly compartmentalized being who is an educator for special needs, sustainable development, and multilingualism. She is daughter to a poetess and a man who gave up being an artist due to societal pressure, a sister to an artist and activist, and she has mixed up the passion from all to create a perfectly chaotic and never-ending supply of energizing angst. She is a short story writer and aspiring novelist who has been published both at home and abroad. Kittens, puppies, and hyper independent parrots follow her home. She is hearing impaired and doesn’t like crowds.


Nwa looks at the world around herself and her mind churns up narratives using the people and places she sees. She doesn’t know how it happens. She only hopes she can keep up with the speed with which the voices in her mind demand to be heard 

Nwa Rizvi