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The Shredder by The Young Lass

Introducing a range of voices from across mediums, our Howl at the Moon issue features diverse work from across eight countries. While we focus on profiling emerging voices from marginalized communities and who identify as women, we also feature pieces from people outside of that demographic. Presenting the rockstar contributing lineup of Issue 2.  

Contributors A-Z

Adan Fatima is a 19-year-old from Pakistan. She studies psychology and writes about her feelings so she can understand the why’s and hows of this world better. When she isn’t overthinking every single thing she has ever done she listens to music and reads poetry.

The Young Lass, AKA Alexandra Berry, is an illustrator with a BFA in Illustration. Her work is well known for depicting the same four original characters doing humorous, raunchy, and sometimes dangerous activities in the illustrated desert community she has created. The inspiration for her work comes from her upbringing in rural Idaho and regular family trips to the Southern California desert community of Palm Springs, USA.

Alexander Perez (he/they), gay, non-gender conforming, Hispanic/Latino, in 2022, has published poetry in Queer Toronto Literary Magazine, New Note Poetry Magazine, Variety Pack Literary Magazine, Literary Yard, The Voices Project, and Whiskey Blot. Two separate poems have also been selected to appear with accompanying artwork at gallery exhibitions entitled ‘Poetic License – Albany’ sponsored by the Upstate Artists Guild and Hudson Valley Writers Guild; and ‘Poetic License 2022’, sponsored by the Poetry Barn and Arts Society of Kingston. Alexander Perez lives in Albany, NY, USA. He can be found on Instagram and Twitter

Aamir Arsiwala is a product design student studying at the Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore. His work ranges from material explorations and furniture making to logo design and branding. More of his work can be found on his Instagram.

Amal Hamid is pursuing her Ph.D. in education at the University of Manchester. Outside of that, she fulfills her creative aspirations through her Instagram where she writes book reviews and shares her reflections on living life as a 30-something brown girl and all the joys and sorrows that come with it.

Ansuya Mansukhani is a third-year college student who lives off cinema, coffee, and writing. She enjoys ordinary things and prefers to believe that every thought she has can be turned into poetry.

Barbara Lazzarini is an artist from Italy. The country is and has always been inspirational to her vega use as she feels she is surrounded by beautiful art wherever she goes. Since 2017, she has been dedicated to self-portrait photography. She also paints and creates 19th-century-inspired dolls and other handicrafts. 

Elisabeth Murawski is the author of Heiress, Zorba’s Daughter, which won the May Swenson Poetry Award, Moon and Mercury, and three chapbooks. Still Life with Timex won the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize. A native of Chicago, she currently lives in Alexandria, VA, USA.

Born to Pakistani parents in Jeddah, Hera Naguib is a Ph.D. candidate in creative writing at Florida State University. Her manuscript in progress Atlas of Disquiet: Poems engages in cross-cultural poetics to confront the affinities and tensions of migrant living. Her work has been published in The New England Review, Poem-a-Day series by the Academy of American Poets, The Cincinnati Review, Prairie Schooner, Copper Nickel, Gulf Coast, World Literature Today, among others. Currently, she serves as an Editorial Assistant at Guernica and Contributing Poetry Editor at River Styx. Hera lives between Tallahassee, USA and Lahore, Pakistan, and can be found on Instagram and Twitter

James Hutton is an artist based in England. Working mainly in pen and ink on paper, his artwork takes inspiration from artists such as Brueghel, Dore, and Edward Gorey, comic books, and outsider art and often uses occult/mystical and mythological motifs and symbols to explore everyday human and social/economic and environmental states- love, hope, hopelessness, poverty, politics, the natural world and ways to try to live in closer symbiosis with it.

Jamie Holman lives and works in Blackburn, Lancashire. His work is multi-disciplinary and is often fabricated using industrial processes or with heritage crafts makers and artisans. He works under commission, interrogating history through the lens of personal narratives, exploring archives in order to understand the past, while also engaging communities to understand the present in order to make visible who we were, are now, and may yet become. He is represented by The Second Act Gallery.

Jessica Faleiro’s work has been published in various anthologies, journals, and magazines including Asia Literary Review, Forbes, Indian Quarterly, Himal Southasian, Bengaluru Review, Coldnoon, Mascara Literary Review, and the Times of India.  Her debut novel Afterlife: Ghost stories from Goa (2012) was followed by The Delicate Balance of Little Lives (2018), a collection of interlinked stories about five women coping with loss.  She lives in Goa, India, where she also teaches creative writing. 

Kamil Plich’s haiku can be found, among others, in Frogpond, Presence, Modern Haiku, Sommergras, Hakara, and various anthologies. He is a winner of the Haiku/Senryu Contest organised by the Austrian Haiku Society (Haiku-/Senryû-Wettbewerb der ÖHG, 2022) and the 1st runner-up of the International Haiku Contest for the Radmila Bogojević Award. His haiku have been translated into Croatian, Hindi, and Japanese. He lives in Lübeck, Germany.

Kivilcim Gurasik was born in Turkey in 1991. After completing her undergraduate degree in Economics, she worked in finance. Since her childhood, she never stopped painting, which she believes is her natural talent. Hence, she decided to express herself through painting professionally. These days, she participates in various online auctions and mixed exhibitions and continues to work in abstract painting.

Kristia Vasiloff is a disabled, queer poet living in North Carolina, USA with her (amazing!) Spouse. For her, poetry is a reflection of hard-won victories. Recently, Kristia was privileged to serve as a featured poet. Kristia is honored to share her heartaches, heart joys, and ever-beating battles with y’all.

Lynn Bianchi is a fine art photographer and multimedia artist who has shown her work in over 30 solo exhibitions and in museums worldwide. Her work has been shown at Brooklyn Museum, Yale Art Gallery, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Musée de l’Elysée in Switzerland; Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto among others. Bianchi’s art has been featured in over 40 publications, including The Huffington Post, Juxtapoz Magazine, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Vogue Italia, AnOther Magazine, Phot’Art International, and GEO. In 2011 Lynn began working in the video field and has, to date, produced about 30 multimedia works.

With a background in communications, Mariam Tahir Butt has freelanced for various print publications over the years, however, she considers reading and writing poetry to be her anchor, her catharsis, and her way of making sense of the world. Currently, she is a SAHM and an ever-willing conduit to the “spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions” that she shares on Instagam.

Mario Navarro’s signature stamp is a vigorous stroke that leaves behind a trail of chromatic emotions, as well as some brushes, and spatulas, that caress the canvas over and over again to melt into it, get lost in the interwoven threads of the canvas, to leave a mark on the soul that resonates beyond what the gaze first perceives. His work has been exhibited in Australia, New York, Spain, Italy, and Mexico. He currently works in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Ruben, better known as Sensetus, is a 22-year-old from Spain who started making collages and photo edits about 7 years ago, but it was only two years ago that he started uploading them to Instagram and sharing them with everyone. His collages play with reality and surrealism, and he seeks to provoke emotions and feelings in those who see them. He makes all kinds of images, but he stands out for focusing mainly on the theme of space, something that he has found curious and fascinating since he was a child.

Sarah Short is a mixed-media collage artist from the woods of Rhode Island. Her background as an English teacher explains her love of books, which she also enjoys using as the primary material for her collages. She is inspired by faded book covers, foxing on pages, and vintage ephemera.

Srishti Saharia is a junior in high school from India. She is an artist and activist who, with a hand on her heart, considers language to be the most fantastical of her blessings and survival tactics. She wants to study English Literature and Political Science. She can be found on Instagram.