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Lately I Can Only Watch Two Things

Cinderella, sweet nightingale, it’s 
true my heart is grieving, and I’m wondering when I wheel over to my window and see 
oak trees and houses and children 
and my neighbor’s anti-suicide garden, 
will I w a l k one day to find myself outside these walls? Will I see the black eyed suzies take back the sun, have a conversation, 
sit without being eaten 

Three days stagnate until I find her – I don’t know her name, I don’t have a tiktok. I rewatch her post until the spine is broken:
a casual watcher would see a woman 
walking to a stop sign 
Listen to the gravel and see how each 
clink of glass finds a beat in my starving heart. 
I’m thinking keep going girl, 
keep me going girl

Untitled by James Hutton

~ Kristia Vasiloff

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