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Annabel Lee

Hopeful, lasting love, and an exploration of the transformative power of grief and human connection.

Fear Not


زرد پتوں کا بن جو مرا دیس ہےدرد کی انجمن جو مرا دیس ہے فیض احمد فیض  | Faiz Ahmad Faiz


A Eulogy for Sundays

I remember everything in that room, but I cannot remember what it felt like. How does one negotiate the presence and now absence of memory?


Eight Axioms of Homesickness

All my life, I have prepared for perpetual unrootedness. It makes everything easier, and it makes everything more difficult.

Day to Day

Love as the Centre of it All

I know the feeling of desperately longing for small moments of freedom all too well. Longing—for mobility, for liberty, for independence. And life has been kind enough to let me have a taste, even if it’s short-lived and even when it leaves my mouth sour.


The Essence of Womanhood

Even as they are engulfed in the vast and bleak pits of sorrow, women are to prioritize their izzat and the delicacy of the khandaani ties over the vacancy and wrath in their own selves—to remain quiet against their will when someone complains about the lack of aloo in their biryani, about the chai being too cold.