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Safe spaces are hard to find. Safe spaces online dedicated to women and other marginalized voices? That’s practically unheard of. This new iteration of The Missing Slate hopes to change that, by paying the good deeds of those who went before us, forward. It won’t be easy. Remaking a world never is. But I am optimistic that the magazine returns at a time when the world needs it, and when it, too, is ready for the world it inhabits.

As the Editor-in-Chief, my hope is that TMS will be a home for many of you and that it will give your creations and voices the platform and spotlight they deserve.

In a world where borders are making a comeback, breaking them feels evolutionary. In fact, forging a new path in the creative arts by burning the barriers that separate the art forms is just another way of burning the world, as we know it, down… Brick by brick, right?

Maryam Piracha, Editor-in-Chief