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Does TMS Pay?

Do we pay?

The Missing Slate is an all-volunteer magazine. While our primary focus is on paying our talent as soon as possible, as a non-funded and non-cash flow positive magazine, we recognize that we need to generate revenue before paying that forward to our contributors. But… we also know that exposure alone is not enough.


So, we offer two forms of revenue generation.

You succeed, we succeed.

The Google Ads Model

We are running Google Ads on this website under the pay-per-click regime and we will split the revenue we generate from these ads right down the middle with our contributors. That means the more clicks these ads earn, the more you earn.


Though we had hoped for cost-per-impression campaigns, as a new magazine, it will take us time to generate enough traffic to implement that pivot.

The Goodwill Model

We recently started a Patreon page and will be implementing this model in place of a paywall, which means much of our new issue’s content will be available for Patrons only. Similarly, other new initiatives in the pipeline like podcasts, profile interviews, mentoring opportunities, etc. will also only be available for Patrons.


The funds we generate through Patreon we will then channel into regular contributor rates, from which we will (finally) be able to pay our contributors.

In both cases, though, we need YOUR help to generate the traffic that will generate revenue. It’s the only way we can create a positive, safe, and paying space for our contributors.

Is there another way?

Are we missing something? Email [email protected] or reach out to us on our social media channels with your suggestions, and we’ll check them out!