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Marisa S White

He Ate Three Fourths

by Snehal Amembal I always sought solace in three fourths You, my fussy toddler would play havoc with my nervesMe, second-guessing, hoping you’d eatA bowl of porridge A plateful of rice A slice of fruit An almost round chapatti You… Read More »He Ate Three Fourths

Lice In My Head

Lice In My Head by Rohee Shah ‘To be born woman is to know—Although they do not talk of it at school—That we must labour to be beautiful.’– William Butler Yeats I got 75% in… Read More »Lice In My Head

I Have Left the Mind

I Have Left the Mind by Afshan Shafi I have always seen it so;The mind in a silver bowlAt once uninhabitable andAvid for fleece, bridle, orSome scientific flummoxing. When the pandemic’s long red wavesFirst began… Read More »I Have Left the Mind